Monday, 9 June 2014

Catholic home for fallen women - 800 dead babies found in septic tank

This is shocking beyond belief. Words fail me.
This Catholic home for "Fallen Women" (Pregnant out of Wedlock) disposed of nearly 800 babies in a septic tank.
There are 10 other similar homes in Ireland, where there are an estimated 3,200 bodies of babies.
If this had happened in Serbia, Iraq or Syria, there would be an outcry for an immediate investigation into crimes against humanity. But when it's the Catholic Church, everyone turns a blind eye.
Police say "there is no criminal investigation at present as there is no evidence of a crime taking place".
WTF.... Apart from 800 dead babies in a septic tank.
The Catholics go to great lengths to prevent any abortion. But once your born, you'd better pray to God you're not in the care of the Catholic Church.

More Atrocities by the Catholic Church in Ireland

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Skepticule Podcast 072 - The Susan Gerbic Special.

This is a special episode of The Skepticule Podcast with +Susan Gerbic  of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia (GSoW). 

A one-and-a-half-hour orgy of pure Guerrilla Skepticism.

We discuss with Susan the Who, What, Why, When and How of GSoW.

The Podcast Page and Show Notes are here:

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Susan Gerbic

Susan Gerbic
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A Rather Embarrassing Night for Psychic Sally in Middlesbrough

Today is a great day for bad publicity.

It has been reported, allegedly that Psychic Sally may (or may not) have been communicating with the spirit of a lady who had passed over to the spirit realm in the 90s.... and was also alive and well and sat in the audience.

Middlesbrough was definitely not impressed.

Psychic Sally fails to impress Middlesbrough 
Get the full story at the Myles Power Blog:-

Monday, 12 May 2014

Skepticule Podcast 71 - Interview with Mark Edward; Psychic Buster

We have another great interview from QED Con 2014. Mark Edward, Mentalist and Psychic Buster talks to us about Fake Psychics, their methods, preying on the gullible and the vulnerable and what we can do to stop these grief vampires.

Anonymous Steve's contribution discusses the BBC's uncritical documentary on how starlings use aromatherapy. Are the BBC presenting unscientific modalities as real science? 

Johno Pearce's contribution is a counter-response to our discussion on the ethics of vegetarianism.

The Podcast and the show notes are [Here]

... Or you can stream the audio [Here]

Mark Edward - Mentalist & Psychic Entertainer

Mark Edward

[Book] Psychic Blues: Confessions of a Conflicted Medium


Skeptologists TV Show

QED 2014 (Lanyrd)

English Defamation Law

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Belgian Psychic - Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift' YouTube


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Hayley Stevens - The Barnum Project

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[YouTube] Weird Nature BBC Documentary

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Incense from Nepal

Halal meat.
WARNING - Very Graphic.

Kissing Hank's Ass (2013)

Here's a great new version of a very old dialog.

Still remarkably relevant.

Skepticule 70 - Interview with Nate Phelps

The Skepticule Team attended QED Con 2014 in Manchester.

Nathan Phelps, son of the late Fred Phelps, founder of the (God Hates Fags) Westboro Baptist Church was kind enough to spend some time with us.

The Skepticule Podcast #70 includes a long interview with Nate.

The Podcast and the show notes are [Here]

... Or you can stream the audio [Here]

Nate Phelps speaking at QED Con 2014
Nate and me at QED Con 2014
[Photo by Susan Gerbic]

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Skepticule 69 - Abhishek Phadnis - Jesus and Mo

The latest Skepticule Podcast is out now and features an interview with Abhishek Phadnis, who wore a Jesus and Mo cartoon on his t-shirt at the university Freshers Fair (LSE), which resulted in him being removed from the event and in the cartoon being shown on BBCs Newsnight.

The Podcast is available here: Skepticule #69

Abishek Phadnis and Chris Moos

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Cancer Cure found in The Bible

Did our Creator “encode” a
on the 859th page of an ancient Bible?

Get ready for a dislocated face.

Not many people can tolerate this amount of face palming.

This long video is an orgy of Cancer Cure, Bible Code, Big Pharma Conspiracy, Miracle Healing, Naturopathy and Bullshit.

Sunday, 5 January 2014 - Books for Skeptics

I've now got 3 unused credits on

Can anyone recommend any good audio books for my long commute.

The selections for Skepticism and Atheism are seriously under represented.

Search Audible for: 
Skeptic... 6 Matches
Atheism... 10 Matches
Freethought... 0 Matches
Bertrand Russell... 9 Matches
Carl Sagan... 1 Match

Chakras... 28 Matches
Prayer... 194 Matches
Miracles... 171 Matches
Ghosts... 498 Matches
Jesus... 379 Matches
Fairies... 365 Matches
Deepak Chopra... 86 Matches

It makes me so sad that Deepak Chopra beats Carl Sagan 86 to 1

At least Science beats Religion 692 to 206

Saturday, 19 October 2013

HOTS -vs- Hari Krishna.

In Town today (High Wycombe), the "Healing on the Streets" (HOTS) Christians were out in force. The
Idea is that you sit in one of their Prayer-Chairs. They pray at you one in each ear, they lay their hands on your shoulders, lift your palms up to heaven and after a few minutes.... Ker-Ching.... Your Cancer, Arthritis, Asthma is HEALED... So there's no need to go to the Doctor to ask about that lump that appeared the other day.

I was toying with the idea of volunteering so I could pretend Demons were coming out of my soul. I can't turn my head round 360 degrees, float up in the air or projectile vomit pea soup, but I sure could give the Saturday shoppers a good show and scare the shit out of the HOTS people when a routine Cancer healing starts to get out of control.

But just then, The Hari Krishnas turned up, about 20 of them, with robes, shaved heads and pony tails, drums, cymbals, an Accordion, painted foreheads and a truck load of enthusiasm.

They stood about 10 paces away from the HOTS posse and fired up the Hari Krishna song at max volume and max enthusiasm, jumping up and down, banging drums, and spinning round in a state of pure euphoric happiness.

The HOTS people were Not happy. They normally pray gently into each ear of their captive victim, but now they were having to shout their prayers over the noise of the Hari Krishnas.

This kept me thoroughly entertained for half an hour in spite of the fact that all the Krishna songs consisted of only two words sung in random order. The suppressed anger and chagrin of the Christians and the euphoria of the Krishnas was a recipe for a Pythonesque street battle.

Alas, the Christians kept their cool and all was well in High Wycombe.

My opinion of the Hari Krishnas went up an order of magnitude today. OK, they're still eccentric people with an unfathomable belief system, but they're fun, enthusiastic, happy and they can bang out a catchy tune and keep Saturday shoppers entertained without having to resort to false promises and un-testable claims.